Inspirational Bakers - "The Chandelier Show Stopper" by Sugar Fairy Exclusive Cakes

This month, we did a quick Q&A with Rofeeqoh Achmat, a professional baker in Cape Town at Sugar Fairy Exclusive Cakes to better understand the inspiration behind an amazing four-tier chandelier wedding cake.
Wedding cakes might be daunting for most, as the stakes are generally high, but this Cake truly turned heads. 
 How long have you been baking professionally?
"I’ve been baking professionally for the past 8 years, however I started selling cakes about 12 years ago"
Who introduced you to Baking?
"My mother, I started baking with her from a very young age and that’s where my love for baking evolved."
What would you call this Wedding Cake if you could name it? What or who inspired this particular Wedding Cake design/colors?
"The chandelier show stopper 
- The cake was inspired by the brides request which was to create an upside down 4 tier chandelier cake using pastel pinks and touches of gold 
- After research and planning, I looked at the venue and designed something I thought would be fitting to her theme , color scheme and wedding venue."
What do you enjoy about baking?
"I’ve always loved the decorating part of the process due to my artistic flair. I particularly enjoy the the hand painting, molding and finer details of the cake."
Every cake has a story, here is an image of the lovely bride and groom enjoying this beautiful wedding cake. yummy!
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